My background

I love people. Each of us is unique and interesting. We all have our own story, our different experiences, our own motives, special skills and a unique way of looking at life.
This is what makes coaching so challenging for me.
There is no topic that can't be discussed; I'm open
to any subject.

People have always been my main focus, both in
work and life. I studied marketing, sales and com-
munication in The Netherlands where I grew up. My
training allowed me to be efficient, goal-focussed
and business-orientated. But more than that, it
taught me people skills and made me realise that
human relations are the most fundamental part in
business and life.
Through my own journey in life, various courses and the many books I studied on coaching, business, psychology, popular psychology, wellness, health, motivation and spirituality, I gained more and more insights. I learned how to meditate, became a meditation instructor, did a week long retreat with Deepak Chopra and followed courses in astrology, ayurveda, metaphysical healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and creative writing skills.

Coach training/membership:
- Graduate of Coach University, Inc., the leading global provider of coach training
- Certified Print® Coach
- Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

In my twenties I spent a year backpacking in Australia, New-Zealand and South-East Asia. It was a year filled with self-discovery, liberating experiences and many people. Coming from The Netherlands, it gave me valuable insights into cultural differences and the many different ways people live their lives.
Two years after coming back from Down Under I went on a safari in Southern Africa and met my husband, an academic bookseller from Johannesburg. It wasn't long before I moved to South Africa and started working in the bookstore. This gave me the chance to expand the business that was at that stage still running without computers. Soon I started with internet bookselling, library supplying and other related book projects. Owning a business has been very gratifying and an exceptional learning curve. I had to be a jack-of-all-trades, dealing with buying and selling stock, marketing, staff and administration.
In the last few years I have slowly moved away from the bookselling business to follow my dream: building out my coaching practice.
Living in South Africa has been an experience in itself. The various cultures, the socio-economic problems and different ways of living has put my life into perspective many times, showing me how rich and poor, beauty and ugliness, love and hate, live hand in hand.

Coach at core
If I look back I believe my main focus and interest in life has always been in coaching, even though I didn't have a name for it for many years. I have always been drawn to the life stories of the people I have met while working, travelling and living in South Africa. Wherever I could I was advising people, supporting them and working out solutions and new ways of living and looking at life.
On a personal level I am always keen to learn more about myself. I keep studying and have had a mentor coach for the last three years. Observing her techniques and ways has been most beneficial in my own coaching practice.

New life
Change has never been a stranger to me. Last year my husband, our two children and I moved from South Africa to the Basel, Switzerland area. My husband is in the process of opening an English bookstore in Basel and I am continuing my work as a professional life and corporate coach.

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