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Please send me an e-mail to:

Or contact me per telephone on:
Tel.: 0049-(0)7624 9847759
Mob.: 0049-(0)15202702916

Coaching by telephone
I live in the Basel area and coach clients by telephone, skype and e-mail.
Coaching by telephone is a wonderful way for a good discussion as we can really concentrate on what is being said without being distracted by visual components.
My clients feel they can open up totally as they feel somewhat more anonymous on the telephone. It also saves on travel time!

Coaching in the Basel area
I also coach face-to-face

My address:
Schlipfhalde 6a

In addition to our sessions I offer:
☼ Calls in between sessions as needed, up to 10 minutes
☼ E-mail support as needed in between sessions
☼ At the beginning of our call, you will set the focus for the session
☼ Exercises and fieldwork
☼ Assessments and material

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