A warm welcome to my website. On this site you will find information about my approach to coaching. It describes the methods I use, my background, and has a booklist of inspiring books.

When is coaching for you?
Most people benefit from coaching. You might want to learn more about yourself and explore your talents, dreams, needs and wishes on a deeper level. Or you want to deal with feelings of restlessness, dissatisfaction, stress or disappointment that force you to review your career, relationships,  circumstances and life in general. Out of this, the need often arises to change aspects of yourself and parts of your life, which can be a challenging prospect.

The focus of coaching
As a coach I will work with you to find ways to:
Create a more balanced and meaningful life for yourself
        ☼ Support your authentic self
        ☼ Improve job satisfaction
        ☼ Have fulfilling relationships
        ☼ Define your life vision
        ☼ Manage stress
        ☼ Work more easily through obstacles
        ☼ Create better health

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