Life Coaching

Most of my clients come to me when they are at a crossroad and sense that they need to change direction. They feel there is something lacking in their lives and wish to find their own voice, wisdom and intuition. They may desire to be more successful and fulfilled, and develop a need to explore hidden talents, passions, truths and perspectives. As a result, they start moving towards newfound goals and new realities.

I start where you are
In our coaching sessions we look at your present circumstances, integrate the positive aspects of your life and concentrate on finding out what is important to you. I will encourage you to find your own answers and truths, to look inside and tap into your own feelings and wisdom.

Ways of life coaching
My coaching techniques are varied and depend on your needs. I ask probing questions, will give hints and share ideas and concepts. I often use visualisation exercises and we will try to go deeper within to try to distinguish between your social and authentic you. I listen carefully, help you plan, and give constructive feedback to assist you in clarifying your values, desires, prospects and goals. We then concentrate on creating a plan of action.
As a coach I stay focussed on your chosen outcome. I strategise with you and observe your change and growth. Throughout this process I will encourage you to take your next step and will motivate and support you in times of insecurity.
On a practical level I can give you hints and tips on better health, coping with stress, interpersonal communication, creativity, spiritual matters and finding stillness within.

The main focus of life coaching is to concentrate on your personal lifestyle but it almost always branches off into other areas, like career, professional skills, relationships and health.

Important areas in life
Balance is an important factor in a happy life. When we have an issue, it can become our main focus. As a coach I will work with you on the issue but also look at other areas in life so that you keep an overview. That way we can improve other parts of your life, helping you to create balance and enjoyment.

Please look at the following areas, focus on each word for a little while, allow any emotions or mental pictures to surface and see if there is an area you may have neglected and would like to work on:

☼ Finances
☼ Home/family
☼ Relationships
☼ Spirituality

Looking at your professional life
My coaching approach is useful for life in general but also for you as a professional expanding your career, or as a small business owner focussing on future growth. I also assist corporations that want their employees in adopting leadership skills and develop their talents and strengths.

What is coaching not?
Coaching is not consulting or psychotherapy, although it often overlaps with these disciplines.
Consultants generally have specialized knowledge in a specific field and are consequently hired to diagnose and resolve organizational problems.
Psychotherapy overlaps in many ways with coaching, as both disciplines look at events in one's past that block a person from reaching their full potential. Coaching however, doesn't delve too deeply into these events. The focus is on present and future goals. Coaching is for functioning people that might feel stuck, confused or unhappy with their current life, and feel the need to discuss their lives with a professional.
If my client doesn't function well or needs to deal with more complex matters, I will certainly suggest he or she would contact a psychologist.

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